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Looking for the Best LED Video Wall Screen to rent?

To create an unforgettable event that your guests will talk about for years to come? Look no further than DreamWatch Event and Logistics LED video wall screen rental service! Our state-of-the-art LED video walls are the perfect addition to any event, from corporate conferences to weddings and everything in between.


Why our LED Video Wall Screen rental Service is best?

Our LED video walls are available in a range of sizes to suit any event space, from small meeting rooms to large concert halls. And with their vibrant, high-resolution displays, your event content is sure to look stunning and catch the eye of every guest.

But our LED video walls aren't just visually impressive - they're also incredibly versatile. Whether you need to display a live stream of your event, showcase product demos or presentations, or simply create a stunning visual backdrop, our LED video walls can do it all.

And with our expert technicians on hand to set up and operate the equipment, you can relax and enjoy your event knowing that everything is in safe hands. At DreamWatch Event and Logistics, we're committed to making your event unforgettable. That's why we offer competitive pricing, flexible rental periods, and top-notch customer service. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about our LED video wall screen rental service and take your event to the next.


The Benefits of Using LED Video Wall 


Comparing LED video walls to conventional display technologies, there are many advantages. Some of the main benefits of adopting LED video walls are as follows.

Exceptional image quality is delivered by LED video walls, which also feature vivid colours, excellent contrast ratios, and wide viewing angles. Superior brightness levels provided by them ensure good visibility even in well-lit areas.


Flexibility in size and shape LED video walls may be made to fit a variety of sizes and shapes, which greatly enhances their adaptability to varied venues. They offer a variety of installation choices and can be set up as smaller screens or to cover larger areas.


Integrity: LED video walls can be tiled together in a seamless pattern to produce a continuous and uninterrupted display surface. A more immersive viewing experience is provided by the narrow bezels that separate the various panels.


Energy efficiency: LED technology uses less electricity than conventional display technologies, making it more energy-efficient. This is environmentally friendly and over time lowers energy expenses.


Longevity: LED video walls are renowned for their durability. Compared to other display technologies, LED modules have a longer operating lifespan, which means maintenance and replacement costs are lower.


Scalability: To adapt to changing needs, LED video walls can be readily modified or expanded. Future scaling is possible without much disturbance if additional panels are installed or replaced as needed.


Excellent reliability: Since LED panels are made to run continuously, they offer excellent reliability and little downtime. They are constructed to stand up to a variety of external factors, such as temperature changes and vibrations.

Type of LED Wall Screen we have:

P3 Block

P4 Block

p5 Block

P3 Block LED Video Wall Specification:



P3 / P3.8 mm


576 mm X 576 mm X 80 mm

Power Consumption

Max 800w- Avg 270w





Refresh Rate

3840 HZ


3000 cd/m2

Viewing Angle

140 Degree/140 Degree


11 Kg

Input Voltage



P4 Block LED Video Wall Specification:



P4 Block


192*192 mm

Power Consumption

220 W





Refresh Rate

1440 Hz


2200 cd/m2

Body Material

Die Cast


7.6 Kg

Pixel Pitch

4 mm


P5 Block LED Video Wall Specification:



Module Size


Module Pixel

2048 px


5000 cd/m*2

Refresh rate



100,000 hours

Operating Temp

20°C ~ 60°C

Pixel pitch



384*384 px


~24 kg

Max Power Consumption



Why Choose Us:

Our LED Display Screen is fully customizable in any shape and size

Screen is settable both indoors and outdoor

experienced technicians are always on standby in case of technical problems during the event

LED Display Screen are cost-effective and we provide competitive pricing with the best quality service


If you think LED Wall Screen is not the best fit for your plan, you may think about our other solutions like 32-inch to 75-inch TVs.

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